Chelsea Winter Knife Set (plus free sharpener)

$91.99 $148.50

Kitchen knife set - plus free sharpener


When you buy the four-piece set of my beautiful kitchen knives, you'll also receive my super-efficient, life changing knife sharpener (the 'Sharpen Up') freeeee! Say bye bye to bluntness and hello to the kitchen knives you've always wanted.

Meet the knives

CHEF'S KNIFE    The kitchen hero

A sharp, comfortable chef’s knife is a must-have for every home kitchen and it’ll work hard for you across a multitude of cutting situations. The slightly rounded edge near the tip makes it easy to ‘rock’ the blade as you chop, so it’s great for mincing (fresh herbs, for example). And the flat blade is perfect for all your chopping, slicing & dicing needs.

BREAD KNIFE   |   Get better slice stories

Essential for creating satisfyingly even pieces of bread without squashing the loaf into a claggy wad. But it doesn’t stop there – I’m a big fan of slicing delicate tomatoes and gnarly pineapples with my bread knife. You can also use it to level cakes, or slice delicate baking. This blade will stay sharp on its own, so there’s no need to maintain it.

UTILITY KNIFE    The workhorse

A solid all-rounder and super versatile in the kitchen, it’s larger than a paring knife and smaller than a chef’s knife – and can, for the most part take, on the tasks of both. It’s a general dogsbody and happy about it, too. It’ll make short work of your meal prep and you’ll reach for it all the time.

PARING KNIFE   |   Small, sharp & savvy

This precise yet rather sturdy little guy is perfect for your more intricate slicing, peeling and dicing needs. It’s also my go-to for cutting pastry shapes for the top of pies, prepping stewed apples the old-fashioned way, and scraping the vanilla out of pods (on special occasions).

SHARPEN UP   |   Your secret weapon

I don’t like blunt knives. And I can promise you, these knives are very sharp. But they won’t stay this way forever, especially with constant use. I recommend frequent sharpening –  like once every week or so. Best part is, there's no need to get all fancy with a steel or a stone – the Sharpen Up is fast, easy, foolproof and it works. So you and your knives can enjoy a long and happy life in the kitchen together… with never a dull moment!

It would pay to note that I don’t put my knives in the dishwasher - and I don’t recommend you do either.

Chelsea's promise

I reckon everyday Kiwis deserve quality kitchenware that looks beautiful, does the job, goes the distance and doesn’t cost the earth. Oh, and it needs to be easy to find at the local supermarket too. So when you see my name on the shelf as you’re doing your shopping, you’ll know you’ve found the gear you can trust.

All my products are carefully selected and evaluated (by me) for best quality and value.


Delivery info

    • Delivery will be about 7 working days. Maybe more as the NZ postal service is really crazy right now. Unfortunately, I can't deliver the knife sets overseas.
    • A signature is required for delivery, so please give me an address where someone will be home - or you'll receive a 'card to call'.


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