• Epic, plant-based comfort food for everyone
  • Totally refined sugar-free 
  • Plenty of gluten-free and nut-free options
  • Flexible, adaptable recipes to suit to your style


My eagerly-awaited 7th cookbook is nearly here. It's the same style of deliciously tasty, no-fuss, crowd-pleasing nosh you've come to expect from me only this time, all the recipes are refined sugar-free. No cane sugar. Ummmm seriously how good is that?

It's all plant-based too (probably the last book that will be). Although I've designed the recipes so they're flexible. You wanna use some cheese or cream? No problem. Feel like adding an egg? Go ahead. Prefer to serve meat either in a recipe, or on the side? Why not!? The recipes are there for you to make them your own, in whichever way best suits you. Use them as they are (they're bloody good), or use them as a base.

Also, most recipes have gluten-free options, so those with allergies or intolerances (to either eggs, dairy or gluten) are gonna be chuffed. Heaps of them are nut-free (or have nut-free options) because I know for a lot of people, that's a thing. 


OPTION 1 - $55 (RRP)

  • Copy of Tasty signed by Chelsea
  • FREE Recipe Index Booklet

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  • Copy of Tasty signed by Chelsea
  • Personalised with a name
  • FREE Recipe Index Booklet
  • Chelsea Winter Paring Knife (worth $18)


One lucky son of a gun who pre-orders Tasty from my website will be randomly drawn to win $3000 in supermarket vouchers. Imagine sticking that in your pipe and smoking it. (*Terms and conditions apply).


For the millions of you cooking every day for loved ones with allergies or intolerances to eggs, dairy or gluten, allow me to present over 80 fabulous recipes to serve safely knowing they’ll be happily devoured. A tonne of you (me included) will be relieved to be baking goodies that aren’t crammed with refined sugar, but still taste like those nostalgic treats we all know and love. Those of you enjoying a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle will obviously again be chuffed, as Tasty is a legitimate treasure trove of beautiful, flavour-packed, easy-to-follow recipes that are good for the animals, the planet and our bodies. Same goes for those needing inspiration for the odd meat-free meal the whole family (even the hardest of carnies) will love - too easy!


This is not a staunchly plant-based book. The recipes are flexible and I've designed them to be that way so everyone can enjoy them - whether you choose to cook them as-is, or add your own flourishes (in the form of meat, eggs or dairy).


It's epic plant-based comfort food (again) - but this time, refined sugar-free, with plenty of nut-free and gluten-free options too. A mouthwatering array of family meals, soups, salads, desserts and baking. Allow me to demonstrate: Aloo Palak, gooey Chocolate Brownies, Breakfast Cookies, Custard Cream Donuts, Smoky Pea Soup, Gluten-free Fruit Toast, Dumplings, Roast Cauliflower Lasagne, Lemon Cream Pie, Pita Breads, Mince & Cheese Pie, Custard Squares, Potato & Chickpea Curry, Apricot Shortcake, Peanut Satay Skewers, creamy Strawberry Cheesecake, Sticky Date Pudding, Oaty Chocolate Cookies, Afghans, Hemp Pesto, Jungle Rice Stir Fry, Caramel Slice, Cheesy Grilled Burritos, Apple Crumble, Iron Boost Bars, Roasted Beetroot Salad... the list goes on. So does the deliciousness.


This precise yet rather sturdy little guy is perfect for your more intricate slicing, peeling and dicing needs. It’s also my go-to for cutting pastry shapes for the top of pies, prepping stewed apples the old-fashioned way, and scraping the vanilla out of pods (on special occasions). Made from Japanese steel and a quality wooden handle that's supremely comfortable and won't split - this knife will be one you reach for above all others.




If you have more than one Chelsea Winter cookbook (maybe you're one of the absolute legends who will have ALL SEVEN!) then you really need this little gem in your life. When you're hankering for a recipe but can't remember what book it's in, this index will direct you to the correct book and corresponding page number. Convenient. 





  • We will do everything in our power to ensure you receive your long-awaited copy of Tasty on October 1st (launch date) - but these days, it cannot be 100% guaranteed. It's highly bloody likely, though, because my freight team is excellent and they go above and beyond. Always have. But we are then at the mercy of the courier company.
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